Clinical Psychologist



Amy Dane

"It is a joy to be hidden but a disaster not to be found." 

D.W. Winnicot

I am a Cape Town based clinical psychologist practicing from the CBD in Cape Town (Gardens). I offer short and long term therapy to older teenagers and adults. 

I walk your journey with you and aim to create a therapy experience that assists you according to what you need and enriches your life. Being part of the change and growth process can be very rewarding, and I love the work that I do. ​​​​Therapy can be a powerful experience, which I would recommend for everyone at some point in their lives. My approach prioritises respect for the personal belief systems of the client and confidentiality.

Some of the issues I work with often include (but are not limited to)

  • Improving self understanding (Assistance in answering the question "why do I feel this way?")

  • Depression, anxiety, sexual abuse

  • Adjustment and change

  • Relationship and family difficulties

  • Eating disorders and eating related struggles

I offer direct claims from medical aids.

I offer internet based therapy under circumstances where  face-to-face therapy is difficult or not possible.